Using the Helpdesk (Client)

Creating a New Ticket
1. Submit a ticket
When you get to the Helpdesk HomePage you will see a blue button to the right of the Login form saying “Submit a ticket”. CLICK on “Submit a ticket” .
You can also click on +New Ticket above
This will take you to a new page where you can fill out a form describing the issue that you are having.

2. Filling out the ticket form
* Type the Email of the person reporting the issue (this is probably your email)
* Type the issue in the Subject box
* Describe the issue as clearly as possible in Ticket Details.
* Indicate the Category
* Indicate the Priority.
* Attach a file or image if relevant or necessary.
* Indicate the Ministry that you are reporting the issue from. If your department is not under a specific Ministry please select Other.
* Indicate the Department and Name.
Click Submit

3. You should receive a password link to the inbox of the email that you used above.
Click on this link and change your password. This email address and password are now your user credentials for Helpdesk.
Use this to login when checking for updates on your issue.

Looking for Updates
1.Using the email address that you used to report the issue, sign in to the Helpdesk.
If you have never logged in before, ensure that you are using the correct email address, and click on “Forgot Password”.
This will allow the system to email you a temporary password, which you can change after login.

2. You can then view all tickets that you have submitted (issues that you reported using your email address), and see the status of that ticket(s).
NOTE: Even if you choose not to check for updates, you will receive a confirmation by email of your ticket submission, as well as a notification by email when your ticket is closed (issue is resolved).
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